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In Store and Telephone Messaging
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It's what you say and how you say it.

Give your brand voice the opportunity to be heard through in-store and on-hold messaging. Seize the opportunity to connect with interested prospects and existing customers – your most valuable target audience. Whether you're telling shoppers about the newest promotion or cross-selling to customers on-hold, our approach to messaging provides the highest quality messages and service – so you can fully realize the opportunity to speak with customers about your business.


How it Works

Use on-hold and in-store messaging to drive incremental sales, reinforce advertising and promotions, and keep customers informed.

More than 57,000 client locations trust Muzak for their on-hold and in-store messaging services based on our expertise, our end-to-end capabilities and our efficient, client-focused process.

Voice On-Hold

You spend a lot of time, money and effort to capture customers' attention. It you have to put them on-hold, what do they hear? Muzak Voice On-Hold makes it easy to create a positive on-hold experience for your customers so you can retain callers and reduce hang-ups.

Voice In-Store

To communicate with your customers onsite, we create targeted in-store messages and blend them seamlessly with the right music. Together, they inform your customers, support your promotions and help you sell more while creating the right atmosphere for your business.

Voiceover Production

Do you need professional voiceover recordings for your phone tree, website or presentation? Muzak can provide a professional quality production for use on your existing equipment, website, presentation, and much more.



On-Hold Statistics

  • 60% of callers hang up from holding without messages or music; 30% don't call back

  • 88% of callers preferred sales messages to other hold options; 20% made a purchase

  • Information on-hold increases caller retention by about 40%

In-Store Statistics

  • 66% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse

  • In-store marketing programs increase sales by as much as 20%

  • Audio advertising influences more than 80% of all buying decisions


Why Muzak?

It takes a team of talented and creative individuals to capture and deliver the brand voice of our clients. Getting it right is a matter of talent and dedication.

From the moment you begin the production process, you’ll be working with the most experienced and creative professionals in the business. Whether it’s our copywriters, who work with our consultants on custom script writing; our voice talents, who help create your brand’s unique voice; or our production engineers, who work around the clock to master and perfect your production in our fully equipped recording studios, Muzak uses the best of the best. You can rest assured that your on-hold or in-store messages will be the highest quality solutions offered in our industry today.


All we need from you is how often you want to update your messages to give you a price.  From that point all we need is some information to get our professionals started writing your copy.  You can give us chicken scratch on a piece of paper, your brochure, your website, or any other kind of material to let us know more about your business.  Tell us the parts that you want to stress to your customers, and let our people do the rest.  We will produce professional copy for you to review.  You can approve it or make changes.  Once you have approved it we will voice it.  You can then listen to the messages and make sure you are happy with the voice used, the inflection, and make sure all the pauses are in the right places.


By the time is plays on your telephone hold lines you will know you are 100% happy with what we have produced for you.


We are not limited by language.   You name what you need and we will make it happen.  Are you an Irish Pub??  No problem - we have your accent.  We can do whatever you need.


Once your messages have been produced you will always have a spot on www.muzakvoice,com.  You can log in and see your older productions.  When it is time for a new one you can start all over, or just tweak some older messages that just need a refresh.  Our people will remind you when you are supposed to make new messages, and from there they will work with you to make you happy!


From the time we visit you to the time you have your messages playing is about two weeks unless you need it sooner.  We can have it done overnight if its that urgent.